Neonatal Quilt Covers

October 10th, 2018

By the end of April, 2013, Heritage Quilt Guild members provided incubator covers to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Munster Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana.   


Unlike Comfort Quilts, the  size of these quilt covers have to measure 51″ x 68″ so that it completely covers the incubator the baby stays in to get well.  While the quilt tops could be any colorful block design chosen, the backs of all quilts had to be dark in color (think black, navy, dark brown).   The dark backs help keep the bright lights out and the warm temperatures in.





From left to right are Nina P. from NICU – Munster Community Hospital, Guild Members Phyllis C., Gloria K., and Ruth S.  See how the quilt coverlet completely covers the incubator.  Guild Member Andrea F. inserted special size button holes in specific places on the quilt as requested by the NICU.